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We’re the Stoltzfus family, born and raised deep in the heart of Lancaster County. Before our family started making steak sauce, we spent decades mastering and perfecting a very different skill– welding. With over 100 years of family welding experience, we know how important precision is to our craft. Our family has produced a long line of welders committed to excellence in our trade. This is why we are now extending that commitment to raising the excellence of meat by introducing a steak sauce that will enhance the meat’s robust and delicious flavor.

When it comes to our steak sauce, we like to approach each batch like our family has approached each welding project for the past 100 years– with tradition, craftsmanship, and an eye for detail. We handle every step of the process with care, from preparing the sauce ingredients to bottling the finished product by hand– we believe in savoring the moment.

Big & Bold Barbecue – that’s what we think of when we hear Welder’s Steak Sauce. Try it on beef, pork, chicken, or even a cheesesteak – a beloved Pennsylvania staple. With our mouth-watering steak sauce, the possibilities are endless.

When doing a welding project, our family delivers our highest quality work every single time. When making our steak sauce, we only include the highest quality ingredients. Every. Single. Time. Take your family dinners, lunch leftovers, and backyard barbecues to the next level – try a bottle of Welder’s today!


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